DVD Boxed Set, Ride Towards Excellence

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This Boxed Set contains the 3 individual 'Ride Towards Excellence' DVDs.

These 3 DVDs have been produced for riders of varying standards, but particularly for those wanting to give their horse a sound base on which to build in either Dressage, Show Jumping or Eventing.

There is a large gap between beginner riders and those who reach the FEI levels. Everyone starts as a beginner, but few people reach their potential or their dreams. It is hoped that these DVDs will show riders that they can ride towards excellence.

Duration: DVD1-46min, DVD2-56min, DVD3-44min
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Ride Toward Excellent Box Set (3 DVDs)

Mary’s Philosophy 'Everyone who wants to ride well, can - but only if they know where they want to go'

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