Para Equestrian

Mary coaches all levels of riders in all five grades of Para-Equestrian dressage and jumping.

Successful riders develop a ‘team’ around them. Part of turning their ‘dream’ into reality is to formulate a workable plan that covers their riding development, competition experience, fitness, time management, therapies, sports psychology, nutrition, horse training, horse care and fundraising.

In Mary’s role as coach at World Championships and Paralympics she has accumulated valuable knowledge to help riders and their ‘teams’. She keeps in touch with riders and their coaches through video footage of their performance in training and competition. Meetings can be held between in-person visits through the Internet.

Video footage of potential horses can be sent to her for comments. These opinions will always be given verbally.

Mary’s Philosophy 'Everyone who wants to ride well, can - but only if they know where they want to go'

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